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Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Singapore Railways Museum!

This is the official website of Singapore Railways Museum aka Singapore Railway Museum, a Singapore attraction based on the world of model Trains.

We are very happy to let you know that we will open the first Model Train Museum in Singapore very soon. Planned schedule for a soft launch is mid of 2024.

Many unique dioramas and artefacts are already finished.

Currently we are on the finishing road and this is also the reason why we can announce the opening time frame finally.
Let us take the chance here to give our deepest thanks to our loyal group of train friends, who spend their time to make this happen ... and also thank you to our loyal customers, who helped and still help crowdfunding the museum by buying trains from our store. We want to thank our main sponsor, Singapore Railways for providing material, space and money to realize this project.
Mentioning this, you can also still help supporting the realisation of the Singapore Model Train Museum by purchasing model trains and accessories at Hobbyshop@TheMuseum (or via our online shop, see link below), c/o Singapore Railways Museum, Nordcom 1, #08-05 3 Gambas Crescent, 757088 Singapore, every Saturday and Sunday [11am to 1pm]; Wednesday and Thursday [5pm to 6pm]. But usually somebody is there throughout the week; just text us and check (WA +65 9726 7757).
You may visit our facebook chronicles for the latest informations and insights.
And trains you can buy here [online shop] to support us, thank you !

You can contact us at info[at]

Your Singapore Railways Museum Team!
+++ October 2023 +++
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